Day 11.. the last one!

08.02.2010 · Posted in News, On Tour, Pictures

Today we ride the last 100km in a hot spanish morning

We met the guys from Barcelona for the lunch in Calella, than a break on the seaside and back on the saddle for the last 40km all together

Arrive in Barcelona, with a nice welcome party @ Cream (thank you guys!!)

Last data:

1514 km

58h 31′ of riding

11 days

Thank you all, sponsor, follower and friends!!

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3 Responses to “Day 11.. the last one!”

  1. thanks to you guys! see you in Barcelona!

  2. misssafariuser says:

    Adrian!!!! Ich will noch ein Kind von dir!

    Erholt euch gut und vielen Dank für die unterhaltsamen 11 Tage, freue mich auf das Video.


    Machts gut. lg

  3. GRANDI!

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